Homeschool History Teaching Tools

Has history been just a dull blur of old names and dates to you?

Teaching history with a timeline will allow you to easily see in context the people and events of the human experience. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was born, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and Christopher Columbus discovered America all in a 40-year time span in the 15th century?

Putting people and events on a timeline takes them out of some obscure date committed to memory, and weaves them into a story whose plot and characters can be clearly seen. At a glance you will be able to observe the who, what and where of a year, a decade or a century.

Add-A-Century gives you such flexibility that you will be able to research and document events of the Roman Empire and then switch to the American civil war if you choose, and not be concerned about leaving enough space for everything in between.

Whether your homeschool history curriculum has you studying American history or putting together a world history timeline, Add-A-Century Timeline can be one of your most valuable history teaching tools. Study what you want, when you want. Remember you can always add a year, a decade or Add-A-Century!

Add-A-Century Timeline - Patent Pending